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The scents of our candles are carefully curated to evoke powerful memories and emotions, transporting you to cherished places, including three unique fragrances that pay homage to Palestine.


More than mere light sources, our candles are symbols of mindfulness and presence, perfect for reflection, prayer, or celebration.


We are also committed to the #ConnectingGaza initiative, supporting internet connectivity in Gaza. Every purchase aids this cause, helping provide e-SIM cards for communication in the region, supporting journalists, medical professionals, and families affected by the conflict. Join us in empowering voices and enhancing connectivity in Gaza.

Scense of Place Candle 7 oz

  • Our candles, inspired by Palestine, offer an eco-friendly and immersive sensory experience. Made from locally-sourced beeswax and sheep tallow, they reflect our dedication to environmental and animal welfare. This responsible sourcing from Southern California not only supports biodiversity but also deepens our connection to the land.

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